The Bible Challenge: Read the Bible in a Year

Read about this book on, edited by Mark P. Zabriskie. Title is self-explanatory. I am going to give it a try and to see if I can pin down my commitment, I am also going to blog and FB about it.

My reason is about trying to find my way back to my God, my community, my friends, and my world after one of the most hideous and prolonged depressive episodes of my life rendered even more dreadful by the deaths of four friends whom I knew for decades, all of them unexpected and a bolt out of the blue. Three of my precious cats also died in that time and the hits just kept coming.

So the truth is, I am not centered, not grounded and I flounder. Despite the fine show I put on things in FB. Where is a better place to become centered and grounded than our sacred texts? For no other reason except to keep my promise to myself, I intend to write about what I read every day. I daresay this will be of no interest to anyone except myself. But I hope folk might wish to support and encourage me and mayhap even engage in a bit of conversation.

I will post in two places: my blog; and on the FB group Gloriamarie’s Bible Challenge. Yes, I am using my name. I really like to be in a first name basis with the whole world. It’s friendlier that way, isn’t it?

Please join me at either location.


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