You Don’t Understand the Bible Because you are Christian by Richard Gist Ch 1

Might want to read Gen 2: 4b-6.

Back in the day it took me eight years to get through college. What can I say, I started in August of 1968. Turbulent days. In 1974, though, I was ready to give it my full-time attention and because I was attempting to be an evangelical in those days, ended up at an evangelical college in eastern Massachusetts. I did love eastern Massachusetts.

In Bible 101, a compulsory course, the prof told us an interesting tidbit about Ruth. When she uncovered Boaz’ feet, it was not his feet at the end of his legs she uncovered but a far more interesting portion of the male anatomy, at least to this heterosexual woman. The prof told us, and as he himself was a good evangelical I had no reason to doubt him, that in this instance “feet” was a euphemism for a man’s dangly bits, itself another euphemism. I mention this anecdote because it was the first time I had any inclination to study Hebrew although I have always been intimidated by a language that lacked vowels and only had vowel points inserted at a much later date.

This is relevant because of chapter one of Gist’s book. He quotes the above-cited verses and then tells us some stuff from Gilgamesh. This sets the cultural milieu for the origins of the Creation stories in Genesis. The earliest primitive versions, before the Babylonian Captivity redactors got their hand on it, would have been steeped in the most ancient of all mythology.

Which is why my interest in studying Hebrew, lack of vowels or not, is suddenly renewed because Gist says that the Hebrew word for “rain” is the same as the Hebrew word for “semen.”

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