A Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: Abba Moses the Black 2

“Yet another time he said: “The virtues are born with tears and through them forgiveness is given. But when we cry, we must not raise the voice of our groaning in order to be heard by others. Let not our left hand, that is, our vanity, know what our right hand, the sorrow of the heart, does.”

We weep because we are happy.  We weep because we are sad.  We weep when injured. Sometimes we weep in anger. Do we ever weep because our repentance is a sharp pain?  Have we ever wept because we were so very sorry for something we did or said?

Abba Moses advises us to weep in secrecy, not allowing others to hear us.  I suspect he might mean if we are weeping in repentance. Do we ever feel pride over our repentance?


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