Reflections on a Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

“Whosoever enters a perfume shop,” a certain elder related, “even if he does not purchase any perfume, leaves filled with fragrance. The same thing happens to one who associates with holy people. He takes on himself the spiritual aroma of their virtue.”

Do you get the same impression as I?  Is holiness contagious? I think it might be. Holy people, sincerely and truly walking their spiritual path, have motivated me to confront that withing myself which keeps me from holiness. I long for a congruency between what I say I believe and how I act.

Not always easy because exactly like St. Paul, I don’t do what I long to do and do the very things I don’t wish to do.  Previous centuries we would attribute that to the actions of demons.  In our time, we use psychology and psychiatry to understand how humans behave and what motivates them.

This “certain elder” above takes a much more simple approach.  Hang out with the holy people and let their holiness inspire each of us to seek our own.


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