My Political Yardstick

For quite some time now I have been weighing our politicians who tell us they are Christians by their actions. The yardstick I use to measure them is the Prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures and Jesus.

Does the politician show hospitality to strangers?

Does the politician help the poor?

Does the politician feed the hungry?

Does the politician care for the sick?

Does the politician clothe the naked?

Does the politician provide for those at the moment are unable to provide for themselves?

Does the politician love neighbors?

Does the politician avoid worshipping the god of an idolatry, such as money?

if the answer is yes, I support that politician. If the answer is no, then I don’t.

After all, the Prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures and Jesus tell us this is how we love God with every fiber of our being. We have also been told this by the Early Church Fathers, the Didache, the many saints who have lived before us.

All of them teach us that if a believer is truly filled with the love of God, the love the believer and God share must flow out of the believer’s very pores to love all of humanity and to serve humanity.

Hillary Clinton said recently “I know it’s not popular, but we really need more kindness and empathy for one another.”

She is not perfect, none of us are. But she appeals to our better nature and reminds us that our country’s strength is our goodness. Our greatest leaders have always inspired us to be our best selves. I pray we will keep this tradition.

Kindness and empathy are two principle ways love between God and believer shower other people with love. Yes, our greatest leaders have inspired us to be our best selves. We need those kinds of leaders.

I cannot support any politician or person running for office who demonstrates bigotry, discrimination, gynophobia, homophobia, intolerance of that which is different, intolerance of those who are different from one’s self, intolerance of those who disagree with one’s self, misogyny, racism, transgenderphobia, and xenophobia.

I can’t support such people because such people do not love their neighbors as themselves. I can’t support such people because God is Love and perfect love casts out all fear.

I will never say such people are not Christians. There is too much finger-pointing, name-calling, too many people claiming to know who is or is not a Christian. Many too many. I prefer to say I am not God, I do not have the mind of God. God knows who is truly one who loves God with every fiber of their being.

All I can say is that I know what I believe the Bible to be telling me and I support those politicians who tell me they are Christians who demonstrate that they believe as I what the Bible teaches. I have supported politicians who are not Christians because they hold the same values be they Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish.

The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” dates back to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, two thousand years before the Incarnation. It seems to me a good basic value against which we can measure our politicians.

I know which of the two Presidential nominees measure the highest on my yardstick.


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