Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

“The more that we bear continually in mind the difficulties which by chance our brothers might have brought upon us,” said Saint Makarios, “the more we are removed by this from God. When we forget those difficulties immediately, the demons do not dare to tempt us.”

Do you anyone in your life who Just Plain Annoys you? I do.  I am part of a group and 2 members feel compelled to share every thought that goes through their heads in as long-winded a manner as possible, even ignoring the moderator’s attempts to make them stop talking.

I grit my teeth.  If what they said made sense, if I could follow their stream of consciousness, it might not annoy me as much. But eventually, it is just so much wordage that it overwhelms me.

What I need to do on a more consistent basis than I do, is pray while they dominate the group.  Pray for them, pray for other group members, pray the Jesus Prayer.  When I do remember to do this I am much less annoyed.

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