Rule of St Benedict: Chapter 7: On Humility, October 7, 2016

Feb. 6 – June 7 – Oct. 7

Chapter 7: On Humility

The ninth degree of humility

is that a monk restrain his tongue and keep silence,

not speaking until he is questioned.

For the Scripture shows

that “in much speaking there is no escape from sin” (Prov. 10:19)

and that “the talkative man is not stable on the earth” (Ps. 13[14]9:12).

Some thoughts:

If there was ever passage of the RB directed at me personally, I guess this is it. I just do, not know how to keep my mouth shut and, oy vey, the trouble I get into. And were Benedict writing this today, I’m sure he’d have something to say about keeping silent on the Internet too!!

I believe all of us can so deeply relate to what he says here, that there is really nothing much i could say. I am reminded of Mark 7:15b “the things that come out are what defile”. Not what goes in.


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