Reflection on a A Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

“A certain wise Father says: “He who is wronged and forgives, resembles Jesus. He, on the other hand, who does not do wrong, but nevertheless does not like to be wronged, is in the position of Adam. The unjust person, or the malicious person, or the slanderer, however, is no different from the devil.”

Forgiving a wrong done may be the most liberating thing a person can do her/himself. Letting go of the attachment to the wrong is just freeing.Releasing any power that wrong may have over one, allows us to move forward in grace and holiness.

A person who cannot stand to be wronged is a person full of ego, narcissism, and self-pride. Might also be someone not very much in touch with reality because we are all wronged over and over throughout our lives.

Jesus tells us that it is not what enters our mouths which defile us but what we say. A goodly portion of James 3 is devoted to the harm we can do with the tongue.  Just look at the damage and harm that is the result of gossip and spreading rumors.


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