Reflections on a Saying of a Desert Christian: Saint Kallinikos of Cernika.

“There are many monks and laymen who are believers only in words,” said Saint Kallinikos of Cernika.

OH, indeed there are many too many Christians who don’t believe in translating our words into actions which demonstrate that we actually believe the words we claim.

Do we feed the hungry? Clothe the naked? Care for the sick? Provide for anyone in need who is unable to provide for themselves?

The Hebrew Prophets and Jesus make it clear that we as individuals and as governments share these responsibilities.

I refer people to Matthew 25 for the consequences when we don’t.¬† If you are one of those Christians who does’t believe the government should be involved in these things then I challenge you to find some people that you would personally take responsibility for, making sure they have enough to eat, a decent home, proper clothing, medical care, and any other need they might have such as textbooks, school supplies, tuition, giving them jobs at your companies. For example.

Yes, I realize you might have to do without luxuries, but honestly, if you claim to be a Christian, how can you possibly justify having more than you need when there are so many people in the world who don’t have enough?


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