Rule of St. Benedict: Chapter 32: On the Tools and Property of the Monastery, November 9, 2016

March 10, July 10, November 9

Chapter 32: On the Tools and Property of the Monastery

For the care of the monastery’s property

in tools, clothing and other articles

let the Abbess appoint sisters

on whose manner of life and character she can rely;

and let her, as she shall judge to be expedient,

consign the various articles to them,

to be looked after and to be collected again.

The Abbess shall keep a list of these articles,

so that

as the sisters succeed one another in their assignments

she may know what she gives and what she receives back.

If anyone treats the monastery’s property

in a slovenly or careless way,

let her be corrected.

If she fails to amend,

let her undergo the discipline of the Rule.

Some thoughts
For some reason, I am reminded of the concept that we are to use wisely the gifts God gives us and to invest them for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Body of Christ. Do others see this?
I also think this passage speaks to our consumer, throw away society. Benedictines take care of their stuff so it lasts. Also reminds me of a Yankee saying:
“Use it up or wear it out
Make it do or do without”
Benedict did not teach poverty the way Francis did. Benedict’s approach is one of simplicity. Enough for basic comfort and utility. How do we get back to that?

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