Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

“Advises another contemporary monk: “In these days, monks are so hated that laymen, even wishing to love them, cause them harm. Seeing in monks what they cannot realize in themselves, they wish to erase any trace of the holy life. This can be done even by those with supposedly good intentions, who, however, do not know their inner, evil goals.”

There is one blog that I particularly follow because I believe the author speaks with a  prophetic voice and exercises a gift of exhortation, holding a mirror in front of his readers. Some like what is reflected and some despise it. They take it out on the blogger, instead of looking within themselves to see if by any chance they are actually guilty of what the blogger has written.  In their comments, they reveal themselves to be. 

Something that has come to my notice on more than one occasion is how greatly uncomfortable people become when someone else speaks truth, strives to live a holy life, seeks to find meaning in life, wants something different that a consumerist lifestyle. People who are uncomfortable tend to attack that which brings them in touch with unwelcome emotions. This is dysfunctional behavior.  Someone who feels unease when someone else speaks truth needs to engage in self-reflection to confront denial, repent and do better in the future.

It is only when the light pierces the darkness that the truth can set is free.


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