Rule of St. Benedict: Prologue, January 2, 2017

Prologue (January 2, May 3, September 2)

Let us arise, then, at last,

for the Scripture stirs us up, saying,

“Now is the hour for us to rise from sleep” (Rom. 13:11).

Let us open our eyes to the deifying light,

let us hear with attentive ears

the warning which the divine voice cries daily to us,

“Today if you hear His voice,

harden not your hearts” (Ps. 94[95]:8).

And again,

“Whoever has ears to hear,

hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Matt. 11-15; Apoc. 2:7).

And what does He say?

“Come, My children, listen to Me;

I will teach you the fear of the Lord” (Ps. 33[34]:12).

“Run while you have the light of life,

lest the darkness of death overtake you” (John 12:35).

Some thoughts

This time as we begin again with the Rule, the days are getting longer. More and more light is breaking into the darkness. Every morning we see again the miracle of light piercing darkness. All too easy to take this phenomenon for granted. Those of us who have experienced any personal darkness know the power of this image.

We heard or read John’s Gospel with all its piercing light images. Today the RB recalls us to this dynamic. I never really noticed it before, but this Prologue seems to tell us that we can either be light bringers or darkness dwellers.

Which would you prefer?


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