Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

“When you get up from your bed, brother,” a certain elder advises, “say to yourself: ‘body, work in order to support yourself. Soul, be sober in order to save yourself.’”

What is the first thought that goes through your mind when you realize you have awakened for the day?  I must confess, mine is often “I want some more sleep.” When I get past that, usually my mind fills up with what I have to accomplish. My first thoughts are not telling my soul to be sober and avoid sin.

Few of us would dispute that we need to work in order to support ourselves.  I hope many of us would dispute we save ourselves. We know that our salvation comes from God by God’s grace. But we do have a role to play.  We are, thanks to salvation, supposed to work at being better people who love God with every fiber of our being and to love our neighbor as ourselves, however that neighbor presents her or his self to us.

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