Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

“Woe to him who is honored beyond his worth,” a certain Father says. “The damage his soul suffers is irreparable. Fortunate is the man who is scorned by men, for glory awaits him in heaven.”

There have been times when I was praised for something above and beyond what the something was worth and I really got off on it.  I lived in the glow, basked in the praise, and when people’s attention turned elsewhere, as normally happens, I wanted the attention, glow and praise back and would do things to attract it.  It was a horrible time in my life and caused me distress. So I really get the first sentence in this Saying.  It resonates deeply within me.

The second sentence is painful because I have also been scorned and, I think, my actions or words may have provoked it. Which was wrong of me, but also wrong of the one who scorned me.  But that is between them and God.  What I need to remember is that if I am scorned, I must look to myself to see if I am in the wrong and make what reparation is possible.

As for glory in heaven… is there really anything special about being glorified in heaven?  All of us who arrive there will be glorified, probably none more than any other, except for the Trinity, of course.


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