Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: Abba Poimen

“Abba Poimen said: “A man may seem silent, but if in his heart he condemns others, he is talking ceaselessly. Yet there may be someone else who talks from morning until night, who, because he says nothing unprofitable, is truly silent.”

The dialectic here is fascinating, is it not?  It is like so many of the Psalms where two mutually contradictory things are held in tension and paradox allowed. We of the west don’t care for paradox.  We want it resolved.

The issue here, I believe is in the effect of the words spoken by the two different men.  What effect does it have on a person to be constantly judgemental?  That person soon starts looking for things to be judgmental about and where is the peace in that?

What effect does it have to be a person who speaks of that which is worth speaking? That’s peaceful, isn’t it?


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