Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

“The Fathers call discretion the greatest of all virtues.”

Yesterday I did not feel able to address this Saying as I was feeling the ill-effects of a lack of discretion. 

In the middle of December, the maintenance guy saw how threadbare was my carpeting in certain places and announced I needed new carpet.  This meant I had to pack up all my stuff.  As I am disabled and handicapped, this was no mean feat, however, I was able to convince the higher-ups that the carpet in the study was fine. A lot of stuff was stashed in that room to make it easier on the carpet guys.

Thursday a friend and I spent four intense hours, sorting the study, organizing, getting rid of stuff, etc. Four hours of physical labor, bending over, lifting, etc. We accomplished a very good deal.

That evening and all throughout the night, I hurt.  Spasms up my back, spasms in my neck and left shoulder. No sleep. Friday I spent the entire day with the heating pad resting against various of those body parts.

Having failed to use discretion, I paid a high price. I failed to take some Ibuprofen before beginning the work and I failed to take it halfway through the work and I pushed and pushed, eager to get as much accomplished as possible in the four hours.

Getting stuff accomplished is a laudable goal.  Doing it in such a way that I was left helpless to care for myself is stupid. So when my friend comes on Monday to hopefully finish in the study, please God, may I show better sense, take Ibuprofen, take a break, stretch, and simply use discretion.

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