Rule of St. Benedict: Chapter 12: How the Morning Office Is to Be Said, February 14,17

February 14, June 15, October 15

Chapter 12: How the Morning Office Is to Be Said

The Morning Office on Sunday shall begin with Psalm 66

recited straight through without an antiphon.

After that let Psalm 50 be said with “Alleluia,”

then Psalms 117 and 62,

the Canticle of Blessing (Benedicite) and the Psalms of praise

(Ps. 148-150);

then a lesson from the Apocalypse to be recited by heart,

the responsory, the Ambrosian hymn, the verse,

the canticle from the Gospel book,

the litany and so the end.

Some thoughts
Benedict obviously put a lot of time and thought as he composed the order of prayer. He had sources available to him to consult: Cassian; Rule of the Master; Enchiridion; Evagrius; but above all he had the order of worship in the Temple of Jerusalem. That temple was long gone by the time Benedict wrote his Rule but the prayer model of the Temple was used by the earliest of Christians and was part of their cultus.
The Work of God, prayer, is the most important thing a person can do, Benedict tells us over and over throughout the Rule.He stipulates how monastics are to engage in this work. How do you?

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