Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

“A wise elder gives the following advice to monks and youth alike: “Avoid eating foods which are to your liking, but, preferably, eat the simplest foods, and be thankful to God, Who also sends you these.”

When I think of all the picky eaters I’ve known, I wonder what their response would be to this? Our relationship with food is a complicated one, isn’t it?  We can get quite emotional over food.  It’s an enormous industry what with everything it takes to stock a supermarket.  Then there are all those restaurants and fast food places.  Another industry to help us shed the excess pounds. All so we can eat food we enjoy.

This elder wants us to cut through all of that and instead of investing our effort, energy, and time, he suggests we eat the simplest of foods, uncomplicated meals that don’t require so much from us but give us what we need which is nourishment.  Let us also remember to thank God for the gift of our daily bread.

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