Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: an anonymous, dying monk

“It is true, Abba,” murmured the dying monk, “that I was not a good monk. I have, however, observed one thing with exactness in my life: I never judged anyone. Because of this, I intend to say to the Master Christ, when I present myself before him, ‘You said, Lord, not to judge, in order not to be judged,’ and I hope that He will not judge me strictly.”

“Go in peace on your eternal journey, my child,” the abbot told him with wonderment. “You have succeeded, without toil, in saving yourself.”

It takes a goodish degree of humility to refrain from judging others, does it not?  We can be so certain our perceptions are based on facts that we categorize, demonize, label, and stereotype our fellow human beings and be one hundred percent certain our judgment is merited.

However, our perception is very often our interpretation which is based on our internal issues and our interpretation is not necessarily based on evidence, facts, and simple truth.

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