Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: Saint Ephraim the Syrian

“If you are ever slandered,” Saint Ephraim the Syrian writes, “and your innocence is (subsequently) revealed, do not be arrogant. Serve your Lord with humility and thank him for freeing you from the calumnies of men, observing his commandments faithfully and from the heart.”

How many of us have been slandered? How many of us have had lies told about us?  How many of us have had our words distorted and twisted to mean something we have never said? 

All too many of us, especially we participate in social media or follow and comment on blogs.  It hurts, doesn’t it? We want repudiation and vindication, don’t we?  That’s human nature, isn’t it?

However, Jesus has words for us that He wants us to take seriously.  Don’t return evil for evil.  Turn the other cheek. Don’t do the tit for tat thing. Pray for those who are rotten to us.

God knows the truth about us.  People open to the Holy Spirit know the truth about us.  We don’t have to worry about it.

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