Refletion on a Saying of a Desert Christian: Abba Agathon

“If a Christian,” Abba Agathon said, “kept the judgment which follows death in mind every moment, he would not sin with such ease.”

Earlier today I read something I would like to contrast with this Saying.  Someone wrote that Christians must repent continually and all I could think was “How self-centered an approach to Christian life.”  If a person is repenting continually, that that person’s eyes will be directed solely at that person.

Abba Agathon, in advising us to keep the day of judgment in mind is telling us to keep an eye out for the results of what we do, which forces our attention away from ourselves and onto others.

Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves as God first loved us.  I think Jesus appreciates what the Abba says more than the anonymous, modern day person I quoted above.


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