Reflection on a Saying of a Desert Christian: anonymous

The man who succeeds in having death continually before his eyes conquers faint-heartedness,” an elder said to the younger brothers, who asked him for some beneficial advice. And another time, as he was spinning, he assured them: “I have brought death to mind as many times as this spindle has turned, up to the present.”

Death is inevitable.  Although it seems as if we spend our lives as if it were not. Somethin I have been known to say is that I am not afraid of being dead, it’s just that the manner of getting there can be just hideous.

The Desert Christians and Benedictine monks share the belief that it is good for us to reflect on our deaths for a few minutes every day. Not only does this make us appreciate life more, it also brings our attention to what we really want to achieve before we die, helps set goals, and get our priorities in order.

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