There is no such thing as “radical Islam.”

For those of you who follow John Pavlovitz’ blog, and if you don’t I recommend it, there was a comment yesterday by someone who said he was embarrassed by Obama’s failure to utter the phrase “radical Islam.”
I did not respond with anything except an invitation to join this group because I am pretty fed explaining to people who have allowed misinformation and fake news to erode their critical thinking skills.
There is no such thing as “radical Islam.” There are faithful Muslims who practice their faith in Islam. Then there are terrorists who do evil in the name of Allah, who doesn’t recognize this actions and weeps at the horrors committed in his name just as God and Jesus weep at horrors.

Islam is no more and no less a religion of violence than is Judaism or Christianity.  If adherents to these religions incite terrorism and violence, it is because they have interpreted their scriptures in an unholy manner that does not reflect what their Scriptures actually say. Sure, one can lift a verse out of context and by so doing distort and twist its meaning to make it say something it doesn’t mean within its context. Christians have been doing this to the Bible for centuries, and now they are proof-texting the Quran in their attempts to prove that all Muslims are terrorists, despite the fact that Muslims all over the planet are as equally horrified by terrorism as the rest of us. Plenty of Christians have committed acts of terrorism and no one claims all Christians are terrorists, now do they?

I am tired of explaining that “Allah Akbar” Is something that Jews and Christians proclaim because it is Arabic for “God is great” which God most certainly is.
Arabic Christians also say “Allah Akbar” because “Allah” is a title and not a name for God. We don’t know the name of God because it isn’t Yahweh or Jehovah.
I may be tired of explaining it, but in the name of all that is Holy, I will persist.

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