Rule of St. Benedict: Chapter 13: How the Morning Office Is to Be Said on Weekdays, June 16, 2017

February 15, June 16, October 16
Chapter 13: How the Morning Office Is to Be Said on Weekdays

On weekdays
the Morning Office shall be celebrated as follows.
Let Psalm 66 be said without an antiphon
and somewhat slowly,
as on Sunday,
in order that all may be in time for Psalm 50,
which is to be said with an antiphon.
After that let two other Psalms be said according to custom,
on Monday Psalms 5 and 35,
on Tuesday Psalms 42 and 56,
on Wednesday Psalms 63 and 64,
on Thursday Psalms 87 and 89,
on Friday Psalms 75 and 91,
and on Saturday Psalm 142 and the canticle from Deuteronomy,
which is to be divided into two sections
each terminated by a “Glory be to the Father.”
But on the other days let there be a canticle from the Prophets,
each on its own day as chanted by the Roman Church.
Next follow the Psalms of praise,
then a lesson of the Apostle to be recited from memory,
the responsory, the Ambrosian hymn, the verse,
the canticle from the Gospel book,
the litany, and so the end.


Some thoughts 

I love Psalms. I love them because they have taught there is nothing that I cannot bring to God. No matter how unworthy, ugly, sinful, nasty, it’s ok to bring it to God.

Psalms also teach me that God wants my every thought. That there is no part of me God doesn’t want.

Psalms teach me that I can learn to turn off that self-critical, self-editing voice in my mind that would tell me lies that I have to accomplish x,y,z before God wants me or become a,b,c before God wants me.

Look at what the psalmists never hesitated to say to God. Jesus tells us the truth sets us free. We see that Psalms told us this long before the Incarnation.

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