Rule of St. Benedict: Chapter 14: How the Night Office Is to Be Said on the Feasts of the Saints, June 18, 2017

February 17, June 18, October 18

Chapter 14: How the Night Office Is to Be Said on the Feasts of the Saints

On the feasts of Saints and on all festivals

let the Office be performed

as we have prescribed for Sundays,

except that the Psalms, the antiphons and the lessons

belonging to that particular day are to be said.

Their number, however, shall remain as we have specified above.


Some thoughts:

I am not sure when the observance of Saints’ days began. IIRC Peter Brown in _The Cult of the Saints: Its Rise and Function in Latin Christianity_ only says “late antiquity”. Since the Middle Ages started in 476 CE, St Benedict is one of the early medieval Christian writers. At any rate, the observation of Saints’ days was apparently well-established by his time.

The point I am taking my own sweet time getting to is this: I love Saints’ days. I always have. I am so grateful to the examples of the saints and martyrs. They have comforted me in distress, added to my happiness in times of joy. When we sing the Benedictus at Eucharist, I often get goosebumps as I think that the same words are constantly being sung in heaven.

Needles to say, the communion of saints, the Body of Christ, that idea that all Christians whoever were, are now or will be, are gathered together in some sacramentally mysterious way is something I love.

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