This is going around social media right now:

“Me, too.
Copied: “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”

When I was twelve a male family member sexually molested me for two years. At first, I would tell my parents who did not believe me and said he would never do that. Eventually, I stopped trying to tell them and endured. The depression that started when I was nine increased. The molestation stopped when he found another younger girl to torment.

When I was married my sex life with my husband was good until it wasn’t. Evangelicalism is a form of religion that invites hypocrisy. There’s a lot of pressure to conform. My husband felt that pressure more deeply than I and in order to make me submissive, he started raping me.

Again, I wasn’t believed. No evangelical friends believed me. My priest didn’t believe me. “He wouldn’t do that. He’s a good Christian man. He’s a nice guy,” were all things that they said.

There was one person who believed me and that was my psychologist and he helped me leave my husband. I still thank God for him to this day. Naturally, I divorced him.

Eventually, I went to seminary and I had healed enough from the rape to start dating again. My fellow seminarians told me they wanted to date me because of my “brains, beauty, and obvious competence.” In the three years, I dated several men for differing amounts of time, two of them long enough to begin to have some serious feelings for. Mind you, we were at an evangelical seminary so sex was not part of the dating relationship.

In every case, regardless of how long or how short a time we had dated, each man would come to me, tell me how much he valued our time together, would always treasure it, but he had met someone down at the College and he believed that relationship had a potential he didn’t see in ours.

Graciously, I wished them well although inside I felt as if I had once again been raped because like my husband, they wanted someone more submissive and a much younger, more naive woman was one who still believed that malarkey about a wife being a second-class citizen instead of one who was equal partners with her husband, according to what Paul wrote in the original Greek.

Those verses about heterosexual marriage have been translated into English with an agenda which is to make sure women are property, not as people with brains, minds, souls, and spirits of our own, created as much in the image and likeness of God as any man, with our own vocations as much as any man. Paul’s intention it says in the Greek is for heterosexual women to be equal partners with their heterosexual husbands. Paul preaches egalitarianism.

If followers of Jesus universally reclaimed Paul’s original purpose for men in and women in heterosexual marriage, if we internalize it and start living it, we would be a beacon to the world teaching men and women what a heterosexual marriage is supposed to be and maybe it would filter throughout the world and we would see rape for the deviant perversion it is.

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