Someone’s hypocrisy shattered my faith.

Just read this on Facebook, “I have walked away from the “Christian” crowd because of their embrace of Trump, whose every word and deed his entire life is antithesis to the words of Jesus. The hypocrisy has shattered my faith.”

While it is undoubtedly true that Trump’s entire life appears, as best as we can tell from his words and actions, to be the antithesis to the words of Jesus, I have to wonder whose hypocrisy it was that shattered this person’s faith.

I have to wonder if a person’s faith is rooted in the words of Jesus, how can another person displace that faith? Even someone as contrary to the Gospel as Trump and everyone in the Republican Party.

Read earlier today that someone else had their faith destroyed when Rush Limbaugh preached from a pulpit.  Again, how did Rush get that sort of power?

No one and nothing on this earth has more power than the Holy Spirit. If you “lost your faith” over someone’s nasty political crap, then you didn’t have faith to begin with.  If your faith was shattered because of Trump et al, then you were looking for an excuse to have it shattered.

Yes, that feels harsh.  Here is something harsher:  grow up.  Take responsibility for yourself, your life, and your own faith. If you claim to have faith in Jesus, there is nothing at all that can separate you from it except your very own free will, your very own choice.

If you desire the gift of faith, ask for it.  If you desire faith in Jesus, nurture it.  Read the Bible and some excellent Christianian writers. Pray every day.  Go to a mainstream church, not one of those Johnny-Come-Lately non-denominational churches with no accountability to any structure above the local church.

Faith must be fed.  Faith must be nurtured.  Faith must be cherished.  Be willing to grow in faith, be willing to allow your faith to challenge you to become a better person. Jesus didn’t come to make us Christians.  Jesus came to make us better people.

be what Jesus wants you to be.

Every single day, I nurture my own faith and attempt to help others feed their faith in my Facebook group, Celebrate What Christians Have in Common, please join.

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