A Testament of Devotion, first section

First reaction:  Why oh why, oh why did I wait so long to read this wonderful little book which I have just started this Advent 1, 2017.

Would you like to read this tiny little book with me, A Testament of Devotion by Thomas R. Kelly, which is one of the The Great Christian Classics? Won’t cost you a dime.
Below you will find an URL to a pdf of this wonderful little book. In copy, the biographical stuff is a preface numbered in roman numerals and the actual text begins with A Light Within on page 3.

HOWEVER, please note that in the pdf, Chapter One, A Light Within starts on PAGE TWENTY-NINE. The Study Guide is written for the paperback version, so when the SG refers to page 4 of the text, the corresponding page in the PDF is 30. Please make adjustments accordingly. Thank you.

Click to access Kelly–TestamentOfDevotion.pdf

Thomas R. Kelly explores the notion of living in Light. He writes, “You who read these words already know this inner Life and Light. For by this very Light within you, is your recognition given” (p. 4). What has been your experience of “knowing” this inner Light? How has it illuminated your “recognition” of God’s move- ments in your life?

(hyperaesthesia defined “excessive physical sensitivity, especially of the skin.”)

My very first experience of knowing was playing with Someone Else in the backyard as a toddler.  This Person had no name and no actual physical form but was quite real to me.  Vividly so.  I called him my “Someone Else” and goodness knows what my parents thought when I chattered on non-stop about him.  It wasn’t until first grade when Sr. Padua had us studying the Baltimore Catechism Revised Number Two that I realized my Someone Else is Jesus. A naive child that I was, I simply assumed every child played with Jesus in the backyard.  Truth to tell that by the time I was in first grade, my experiences of doing this were fewer and desire for that kind of certain daily experience of the Presence has been the driving motivation of my life, sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger.

I have been on the weaker side of that continuum lately and mayhap reading this little book, and I mean little, a scant ninety-seven pageturner, might awaken my Inner Light.

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