To White Evangelicals and the Religious Right

Just read a piece by one of my favorite bloggers, John Pavolvitz,

White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You< which you may read at


His words prompted me to write the following.

While I agree that white evangelicals need to hear this, I would go further and address it to the white people of the religious right in the USA, the Roman Catholics on the right, the members of mainline denominations who are part of the religious right. It is is not just white evangelicals, although I admit they have the loudest, most shrill voices.

I believe this essay omits something very important. It neglects the damage that white evangelicals and the religious right are doing to the credibility of the Gospel message.

To put it baldly, people listen to what white evangelicals and members of the religious right do and watch what they do and they say “If this is what Christians are like, I want nothing to do with Christianity, God, and the Jesus they claim to know.”

So many people have said they have lost their faith because of what is said and done by white evangelicals and the religious right. While I might agree that faith should not be based on the behavior of other human beings, there is no getting around that this is what people say and they are convinced their perception is so accurate, that conversation with them to the contrary falls on deaf ears.

White evangelicals and the religious right have become stumbling blocks to their fellow believers. They have become stumbling blocks for non-Christians, who see no reason whatsoever to consider embracing faith.

White evangelicals and the religious right are going to have a very great deal to answer for, come Judgment Day, to use white evangelical language. They will be responsible for an uncountable number of souls lost to Christ. Not to mention their refusal to make sure the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, the sick cared for, and needs of the poor are met.

If you are interested to see the reactions of non-believers and believers you have driven away from the church, I invite you to join my Facebook group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff,

where we frequently discuss the hypocrisy and moral failings of the white evangelicals and the religious right.

As for the people of color who have embraced the GOP on the basis of a white evangelical and religious right version of Christianity, I can only suggest that you research the meaning of the phrase “Uncle Tom” and open your eyes to how you are not only failing to act in your own best interests but how you also betray all other people of color in the USA.

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