Do not lose heart, my sisters and brothers

Let all who read this, take heart. Look at the result of all the special elections. Yes, hotly contested and Democrats may only win by hundreds of votes instead of thousands, but Republicans are losing. Please don’t despair.
This past almost two years since that election has shown us that those who vote Republican are people filled with fear that they are losing their white-dominant way of life and they cover this fear with bluster, bullying, intimidation, murder, etc.
They have shown us that they care more for authoritarianism, bigotry, denial of climate change, destroying families, destruction of the planet and God’s creation, discrimination, fascism, global warming, gynophobia, hatred of the poor, homophobia, increased gun violence, intolerance of a different of opinion, intolerance of people that are different, Islamaphobia, kleptocracy, misogyny, nonpartisanship, police brutality, prejudice, racism, in favor of rape, in favour of sexual assault, in favour of sexual harassment, in favour of sexual molestation, treason, transgenderphobia, white supremacy, and xenophobia.
When they claim to act in Jesus’ name in a way that denies food to the hungry, clothing to the naked, shelter to those without, medical care for the sick, and refuse to provide for the needs of those without means, they prove that they care more about the contents of their wallets than their neighbors. When they twist the words of Matthew 25 so that they do not apply to their lives, Jesus looks at them and says, “I don’t know you. I have never known you. You do not act in My Name. In fact, you want everything I came here to oppose.”
The Dominionists and the adherents of the prosperity so-called gospel have perverted the words of Jesus to imply Jesus only came to give us eternal life, Well, He did do that, but He also came to make us better people. We are supposed to seek to be holy people, with changed lives. Eternal life begins right here, right now in this life because we are already living in the kingdom of Heaven since Jesus has told is it is at hand, right here within our grasp. Jesus rose from the dead and the distinctions of life/death are irrelevant.
Dominionism and the prosperity so-called gospel do not create better people. Those doctrines create people even more entrenched in their own selfishness because now they have a perverse and twisted, distorted gospel of lies to allow them to be greedy, selfish people who refuse to see unprosperous people as human beings let alone as their neighbors whom they are supposed to love as themselves, as God first loved us.
Dominionism and the prosperity so-called gospel are not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dominionism and the prosperity so-called gospel are at best heresies and at worst they are apostasy, leading their followers to commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
Theologians the world over have always told us that once one has embraced apostasy there is no forgiveness possible. Perhaps human beings are not as forgiving as God. I believe it is possible for a person to confess to God that one has embraced sin, even such grievous sin as represented by dominionism and the prosperity so-called gospel and know God’s forgiveness.
Conversion does not mean our prejudices get a divine stamp of approval. Conversion means we must lay our prejudices on the altar, walk away from them, leave them there, and never again exercise those prejudices.
To live life in the pursuit of holiness is hard and uncomfortable work. There is also such joy in knowing God without one’s prejudices in the way.
One can’t help but notice the many voices of those who are disillusioned by their experiences in various churches in the USA. Hard not to be, really, if one is a critical thinker. Hard not to be when one is a caring, compassionate, tender person.

 Refuge is offered in the Facebook group ”Celebrate What Christians Have in Common” where a daily buffet is spread of Asceticism and art, cartoons and quotes, comics and contemplation, memes and meditations, music and musings, photographs and prayers, just about anything that is one of the many voices from the many flavors of Christianity.
There is one discipline required of all who join: one must not utter a negative word because this space is a refuge, a respite, a place of peace and quiet. If one chooses to engage in discussion one may only write about one can affirm from the selection. No arguments, no vitriolic words, no spammers, and trolls will be tolerated. 

Please come and celebrate what Christians have in common and let us together remember our faith is based upon God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and not the actions and choices of frail, sinful human beings.

Having said all of the above, I would be remiss were I to fail to offer a way to enact one’s change of heart. It is not enough to sit in one’s prayer closet and offer thoughts and prayers. The Gospel of Jesus requires us to act in constructive, positive, pro-active manner to incarnate the kingdom right here on earth.

Yes, it’s in our hearts, but it is also all around us. We do not incarnate the kingdom of Heaven by converting everyone to Christianity. We do it by becoming better people who live our lives so that everyone has what they need,

Due to the nature of humanity, we not only must do this in our private lives we must do it publicly in our political processes which require us to resist the evil that is afoot among members of the human race.

One way to persist in resistance is my FB group, Gloriamarie’s Progressive Stuff, where I post actions, petitions, info, actual news, evidence, facts. There’s a pinned post that I highly recommend people read. I also ask a screening question so I can keep the spammers and the trolls out. All who read this are invited.

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